Environmentally Friendly

Taking our impact on the environment seriously is now more important than ever for businesses the world over. As natural resources diminish and pollution rates soar, it's vital that businesses review their actions and take the step to move to compostable products. Join Kingsbury Packaging in making the leap to eco-friendly sustainable products!

Taking Environmentally Friendly Seriously

At Kingsbury Packaging, we take the environment seriously and that's why we provide the whole range of sustainable food and drink packaging to suit your business needs, including:

Deli Items




In the end, all of our environmentally friendly products can be recycled and return to nature. This massively reduces our carbon footprint and ensures that our products are in line with our corporate values.


The following products will be banned in the EU by 2021:

Single-use plastic plates

Single-use plastic cutlery (forks, knives, spoons and chopsticks)

Plastic balloon sticks

Cotton bud sticks made of plastic

Plastic straws

Oxo-degradable plastics and food containers and expanded polystyrene cups

With the upcoming ban on the above products, we are ensuring that our product ranges are fully compliant with EU and UK regulations.

Contact Us at Kingsbury Packaging to find out more about the ways in which our products are compliant with these laws.


What We Stand For...


Materials that will break down over the course of time through biological activity.


Materials that biodegrade into nutrient-rich compost in specific environmental conditions.


Materials that can be broken down and remade into a new item.